The underpinnings of my work are a series of a systematic reviews that identify gaps in evidence.


Documenting Disparities

Cited by the Surgeon General and Healthy People 2020, this systematic review updated a 2001 review and provides strong evidence that there are large disparities in tobacco use for LGB compared to heterosexual people.

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Building off this work, my colleagues and I have critiqued the Institute of Medicine's report on LGBT health for ignoring the evidence of tobacco disparities (in AJPH), shown the first results by sexual orientation from a southern state's BRFSS (in AJPH), and identified disparities using a community sample for West Virginia (in IJERPH).


Understanding Disparities

My colleague John Blosnich led a systematic review identifying what we know about why these disparities exist.

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I have since worked to examine additional explanations including smoking in LGBT movies (in TC), tobacco coverage in LGBT blogs (in LGBT Health), and the role of tobacco retailer density (in NTR).



Intervening on Disparities

Focusing heavily on the gray literature, I reviewed existing interventions (broadly defined) to reduce tobacco use for LGBT people as well as correlates of tobacco use cessation.

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